Mindfulness in advertising text


"It is very important to bring your interest to everything you do, but the only way to become interested is to invest your attention. You cannot love anything if you do not pay attention to it."

Mindfulness in advertising text

Write short, but precisely. So I did. This book is full of rules, tips and theory of copywriting, which you can read in just 40 minutes. You can reread it later, and I am pretty sure you will keep discovering new things.

What is neurocopywriting? How to write hypnotic advertising texts? What is the difference between benefits and advantages? What is benefits of benefits? And how to start writing without inspiration and ideas?

So, let's read and find out!
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"Neurocopywriting — from NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) — using psychology and social behaviour researches in advertising text. But I completely switched to a term 'metacopywriting', because historically NLP is a wrong name. There is no direct connection with brain or neurons, but it is about 'meta', a prefix meaning more comprehensive or transcending. However the name 'neurocopywriting' is quite trendy (especially in Russia)."
The book was presented during International Investors Congress in Munich 2020
The idea is based on non-verbal message even in text communication, so it become possible to read the sense and connotations between the lines, which means that one is able to manage their writing to guide the reader.

I wrote three books about the method, but the third book is a set of fairytales, written using method. Now I translate it into english.

Currently I have ten courses about writing: copywriting, style and fiction, screenwriting and written couching.
I graduated two Russian universities with a degrees in public relations and marketing. I had been working on advertising agencies for 4 years. Then I took courses in Solution-Focused Therapy, Coaching and Hypnotherapy for several years, learning and researching narrative psychology.
I am a founder of a writing school in Russian language, a copywriter, a branding specialist
and a coach.
I founded a private school of copywriting and narrative couching.
I invented my own method I called metacopywriting.
Since 2014 in Russian, since 2020 in English in Berlin.